Our Automate smart window furnishings add more to a home than just convenience, they facilitate advanced control of your indoor climate – be it natural heat or natural light. Regardless of how sophisticated your window glazing or tint may be, they’re rarely a match for mother nature’s dynamic tendencies.

Although it may be second nature to reach for the thermostat and reverse undesired temperature spikes, it can prove to be detrimental to yearly energy expenses, as well as negatively contributing to the current global climate health. Similarly, switching the lights on in your home is traditionally more convenient than manually raising shades or opening drapes. Unfortunately, this too has a negative impact on your home, your wallet and our planet.

Traditional methods of light and heat control remain necessary for home comfort, however automating your window furnishings help to reduce the impact of these traditional methods.

Research has found that uncovered windows are responsible for up to a 40% loss of heating energy, while conversely also contributing up to 87% of a home’s heat gain, depending on external weather conditions. Mitigating such high amounts of energy transfer through windows can be as simple as raising or lowering your window furnishings at optimal times. This is where automation gives you back control over traditional manual operation and dramatically improves your homes energy efficiency.

Technical Percentage: 40% to 87%

Motorised window furnishings seamlessly integrate into modern-day living and propose a safer, more elegant and efficient solution to their manually operated counterparts. Effortlessly manage your window furnishings with dynamic control options, from remotes to sun-sensitive sensors.

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