Lifestyle awnings

An ultimate solution to external screening of your outdoor entertaining area. Our straight dropped zip awnings provide privacy, protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects, giving your entertaining area a year-round appeal. With a huge range of technical fabrics with different heat controls and hardware colours matched with COLORBOND, it is easy to create an awning to suit the exterior of your build.

Traditional awnings

Ideal for any type of window, traditional awnings provide supreme protection from the sun, improving home efficiency, reducing glare and protecting the interior of your home from sun damage and fading.

Folding arms awnings

External versatility with an all-season solution. In summer use your folding arm awning to provide shade and protection for your loved ones, and in winter close the awning to provide sunlight to your windows to help warm your home. With a range of automated options including wind and motion sensors, you can be sure your awning will provide year-round benefits whilst keeping your home safe.

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